Welcome to Called Higher Adventures

Called Higher exists to come alongside parents and churches to give teens an opportunity to grow in Christian character and life skills. We do this by teaching youth the way of Jesus found in the Bible in an exciting environment of sailing and music ministry opportunities.

Teens today are drawn by our culture to retreat to digital worlds that damage the spiritual and moral fabric of our young people. Called Higher is an outlet for them to be challenged in a creative, adventurous and loving environment.

Summer Schedule

May 14th/17th Last week of sailing
May 18th END OF YEAR DINNER 5:30pm Calvary Vero
June 4th Open Sailing
June 7th Open Sailing
June 11th Open Sailing
June 18th Open Sailing
June 20th Open Sailing
June 22nd-29th Summer Trip
July 2nd Open Sailing
July 5th Open Sailing
July 8th-12th Summer Camp
August 6th Open Sailing
August 13th Open Sailing

A Message from Salvation Army Headquarters

On January 20, 2024, we celebrated the Grand Opening of our new Called Higher Center in Vero Beach. We were blessed to receive a video message from the headquarters of the Salvation Army. Commissioner Kenneth Hodder shared an inspirational message for the families involved in Called Higher and everyone who came to celebrate the Grand Opening that evening.

One Week in Miami: A Documentary

Watch "Getting Away" - A short documentary of our trip getting away with a few students to spend time with them and model the philosophy of Jesus.

Perseverance: Our First Documentary

In June of 2019, members of our Called Higher team sailed 500+ miles along the Florida coastline from Vero Beach to St. Petersburg through Marathon Key. Perseverance chronicles the two-week adventure of 13 teens and 3 adults as they sail aboard four small sailboats and press through the difficulties of an ever-changing environment. For the sailors that experienced this trip, there is an emotion that can’t be described.

After the movie premiere on June 4th and multiple showings in Florida, we released Perseverance to YouTube on September 18th. Watch the full movie below.

The Called Higher team travels to Palm Beach, visits a superyacht marina, shares the gospel, and fellowships on Peanut Island.

Called Higher Sailing >>

Called Higher Community Youth Choir - Our heart is to come together as the body of Christ and join as one voice in worship to our King.

Called Higher Music Ministry >>

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