Each season we choose a local mission project to build character in our teens and serve the local community.

Last October, our team had a camping /sailing weekend. We noticed the trash on the island and used the opportunity to teach our team to be good stewards of God’s creation. So we charged and cleaned up a whole lot of junk. Shoutout to @jblaisphoto for putting this clip together.

Last June we headed to Miss Polly's house to surprise her. The team spent the day before her birthday painting the exterior of the home and tearing out an old fence. Watch our recap video below.

Miss Polly happy to see us
The crew tears down old fence and paints the exterior of Polly's house
The boys painting outside the garage
More painting and landscaping

Coastal Cleanup

The Called Higher team, working with “Keep Indian River Beautiful” as part of the International Coastal Cleanup Day 2020, picked up trash on one of the spoil islands

Called Higher Team members and parents on International Coastal Cleanup Day 2020
Xana and Sofie look for debris along the shoreline
Luke and Lani collect trash on one of the spoil islands
Logan collects trash under the trees
Team members and parents collect trash on a spoil island
Megan and Sarah carry bags with trash collected